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BLAG Vol.3 Nø 5: Noomi Rapace / Les Twins / Joey Bada$$

Cult London based style magazine, BLAG relaunches this spring, seeing co-creaters British Twins Sally A. and Sarah J. Edwards return back to their street-influenced style magazine roots. Vol.3 Nø 5, themed 'Adventure' sees a selection of covers with Noomi Rapace,  Joey Bada$$ and Les Twins, who all star in long form world exclusive photography shoots with in-depth interviews. 

"BLAG is my favourite mag / BLAG is smoother than a '66 blue coloured Jag ? BLAG never keeps me sad / BLAG is run by my two favourite hags / Whom I'll never shag... sigh / Least I have BLAG" Questlove, The Roots / Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Each ad-free edition of BLAG is created in entirety by Sally and Sarah, as if a musician would create an album - collaborating with established and new talents as well as bringing the reader a fresh perspective and often times unknown qualities. Main features are created directly by the duo along with those they hand select to star in the editions. Sally is an award winning Design & Art Director; Photographer Sarah has shot music and film talents for international publications Rolling Stone, i-D, Dazed, NME. They both write and edit and have contributed to world-renowned titles, Sally for Dutch, i-D, NME and Sarah for NME, The Guardian.  

Known within the music and film industries as 'Vanity Fairs rebel kid sister,' a secret weapon and lucky charm for featured talent, BLAG brings talent to the fore oftentimes just ahead of their tipping points and gives the reader a glimpse into the future – not only are Sally and Sarah entrusted with many talents plans and projects upfront, but have been predicting breakthrough talents from years, including: Pharrell, ?uestlove, GZA, Black Eyed Peas, Tom Hardy, James McAvoy, Calvin Harris, 50 Cent and Game.

"I really am impressed by your tenacity and vision, cool stuff!" Slash

"One of my favourite magazines in the world." Chuck D, Public Enemy

"[BLAG]… have persuaded some interesting people to feature in the magazine, which is never easy." Alexandra Shulman, Editor, British Vogue.

Each main article interview runs as an open conversation centering on life rather than particular releases or projects. Fears, ambition, war, women, men, self-consciousness, dynamics, encouragement, character, music, love and social media's dark side are just some of the subjects covered this time around. Photography runs a thread of fashion based portraits subtly showcasing brands such as Off White, Hood By Air, Versace, Eleven Paris, Comme Des Garçons, Pigalle, Billionaire Boys Club, NicoPanda and BLAG's own Black and Gold Labels. 


Cover stories

Les Twins 

Both two minutes a part, Sarah and Sally, sat down with Beyonce, Jay Z and Missy collaborators Laurent and Larry Bourgeois to discuss life as twins, working with your double and how they all handle the many situations often reserved exclusively for twins. Resulting in six pages of chat and 14 pages of beautiful and intimate portraits shot in their hometown of Paris, at the Hotel Marginan. 

Joey Bada$$ 

On his 20th Birthday Joey released his debut album proper B4.DA.$$ landing at number one on both the Billboard rap and indie charts. Sally and Sarah met with Joey before and after the release. Sarah and Joey have created an interview that has a documentary feel - discussing prominent hip hop producers and their influence on him, his childhood and how he has collected the knowledge that sees him as one of hip hop's brightest young stars. Joey also delivers first hand his Ten Essential Ways to Make Everything Happen, bringing essential advice to anyone looking to make their dreams a reality. 6 pages of dialogue and 14 pages of photography high above Piccadilly Circus in the Dome Suite at Hotel Cafe Royal. 

Noomi Rapace

Noomi is quite possibly one of the realist actors working right now. Since connecting on our infamous cover shoot, seeing Noomi alongside Tom Hardy fully dressed in a bubble bath, we figured it was time to raise the bar again. Discovering Noomi, Sally and Sarah share a mutual love of creativity and conversations about life and not ever doing anything by halves, Sally wanted to take the concept of how self presentation via clothing, accessories and lifestyle can cloud or enhance our personas, resulting in the creation of six different fictional characters for Noomi to take on for her massive portfolio shoot. 




Londoner TroyBoi might just be music's best kept secret - quite a broad statement, but if you take into account the fact he rightly describes himself as a music manipulation specialist, you get the picture. Picking from a vast array of genres and melding influences together Troy has created a sound that depicts 2015 so far perfectly, mixed emotion, uplifting – it's not surprise he's taking the US by storm too. Find inside 3 pages of in-depth production and sampling talk and a seven page fashion style shoot on location in London's oldest French restaurant L'Escargot. 

Amergio Gazaway 

24 hours in Nashville with Amergio Gazaway. Producer extraordinaire Amerigo is famed for his conceptual collaborations, fusing classic artists together from James Brown and Busta to Mos Def and Marvin Gaye, resulting in modern works of art. Championed by none other than Apple, his skills have allowed us to rediscover musical treasures. Amerigo's guide is the perfect city guide, bringing something for everyone - shopping, eating, partying and much more. Two pages of words and images by Amergio. 


Adventure stories

Music - Introducing Pro Era's MC / Producer Kirk Knight, London producer icekream, LA based singer/songwriter Leland and new music sharing App Undrtone, co-created by Entourage Music Supervisor Scott Vener. 

Fashion - Meet the makers behind the Kowloon Tiger Varsity. 

Art - Ex-Vivienne Westwood Designer turned Artist Magnus Gjoen

Perfumer - Azzi Glasser  discusses scents and senses

Dentist - you read that correctly, meet London's Parisian Dentist Jerome Sebah who has made it his mission to turn your visit to him into an all sensory and as painless as possible experience. 

Luxury travel - we visit: London's Ham Yard Hotel, L'Escargot and Hotel Cafe Royal. Paris' hidden private mansion hotel Hotel Marignan. 

Leigh Whannell - The Saw creator and Insideious Chapter 3 Director dishes out his humorous, yet very wise  Ten 

Anne Fletcher - Sally and Director Anne discuss bringing spontaneity into your life. Former Dancer and Choreographer Anne's credits include The Mask, Boogie Nights and Catch Me If You Can. 

BLAG Diary 

Behind-the-scenes portfolio from shoot with Les Twins, Noomi Rapace, Joey Bada$$, TroyBoi and Azzi Glasser. 

"The only decent magazine launched in ages... f***ing buy it." Jefferson Hack, Dazed


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